Launched in early 2013, Files Rec. releases underground club music by up-and-coming artists. With "Reboot", Files Rec. explores the whole range of electronic music, bringing together talented, like-minded artists working in wildly different fields of dancefloor experimentation under one roof.

Reboot embraces dance music, grime, bass, techno, jungle and, yes, electronic music, but its emotional core is its biggest asset. It plays like a lovely assembled mix, selecting brief and percussive dance tracks built to easily seduce you into obsessive repeated listenings.

01. Akito - A.M. Embrace
02. She's Drunk - New Area
03. Krizzli - Squirrels In The Sky
04. Galtier - Papi
05. Lemonick - Stab
06. La Vie C'est Facile - Total Shell
07. Dusty Corners - DITW
08. Galtier - True Type
09. Lemonick - Percussive Maintenance
10. Ansome - Smeatons
11. Krizzli - Fig Seven (Isolated Lines Remix)
12. Kalli - Bodypop Sinewave

Release date : 15th June 2015